Watch: Interview with Director & Playwright of “The Drone Play,” Now Showing at California Stage

See the half-hour interview which aired recently on Access Sacramento TV, about “Al and Homer: THE DRONE PLAY.”

Watch the interview with director Penny Kline and playwright Jerry Fishman, discussing the world premiere of “Al and Homer: THE DRONE PLAY,” below.

The play is being presented at California Stage through Aug 21, 2016, Fridays & Saturdays at 8 pm, Sundays at 2 pm.

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Al and Homer: THE DRONE PLAYIn a powerful new play making its world premiere this month, Al and Homer, two U.S. Air Force drone pilots with diametrically opposed views, face off in a conflict fraught with deadly worldwide ramifications. These two young pilots work grudgingly together in an Air Force bunker outside Las Vegas, Nevada, where they guide missile-armed Predator drones to countries on the other side of the world. The frequent imprecision of the drone technology combines with human error and a military culture of bravado to create a recipe ripe for tragedy.

Al and Homer: THE DRONE PLAYThe play is not recommended for children.

Starring: Terry Randolph as AL; Brent Dirksen as HOMER; Lynnette Blaney as AMANDA; Aviv Hannan as NICOLE; David Kamminga as YAMIR; and Janet Motenko as CLOWN.

At the California Stage Theatre, 25th & R, Sacramento.

Al and Homer: THE DRONE PLAYFor more information and tickets, go to Ovation Stage’s website. Also check out their Facebook page.

Reach the Ovation Stage Box Office at 916-606-5050, or email them at

4 thoughts on “Watch: Interview with Director & Playwright of “The Drone Play,” Now Showing at California Stage

  1. Hello. I am an aspiring playwright and have written my first faith based play. Wanted to know how to get the play produced. What are the next steps after copyrighting. Any advice would be appreciated!

  2. I have just purchased two tickets for your performance on Saturday, November 5. The ticket said “RFK” (cancelled, I believe) and “8:00 PM”. Isn’t the performance really “Living History and Performance of Jeannette Rankin” at 2:00 PM?

    1. That is not a California Stage production, so the Ticket button on our site should not be used to place reservations. Please contact WILPF and Pennie at 916-456-1282.

      We will get in touch with you via email to arrange a refund.

      Thank you!

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