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Where will your next production be?

We have three fine stages at the R25 Arts Complex, varying in size and character.

The California Stage Theater

The California Stage is our largest venue, comfortably seating 99, with an expansive performance area allowing us to present grander productions and presentations.  Air conditioning has recently been upgraded for greater comfort.

The Dennis Wilkerson Theater

The Dennis Wilkerson Theater is our mid-sized black box space comfortably seating 47.

The Three Penny Theater

The Three Penny Theater is our most intimate black box performance space comfortably seating 28.

For more information about renting any of our performance venues, studios, and other spaces, contact us at 916-451-5822 or

The R25 Arts Complex is at:
2509 R St
Sacramento, CA 95816

15 thoughts on “Rental Information

    1. Yes, we absolutely have volunteer opportunities at the California Stage Arts Complex. Please call Carol in the office at 916-451-5822.

  1. Question about the California Stage: For a youth theater group renting the stage, would amplification be recommended for the singers/actors? Do you have any audio equipment for rent?

    1. Yes, we can provide amplification… the theater itself is designed to be closer to the audience than a standard proscenium theater, and with the new ceiling, the sound quality of California Stage Theater is sufficient for most singers… but if you have singers that have not learned to project, then yes, we can amplify them.

    2. Each Theater — The California Stage, The Wilkerson Theater and The Three Penny Theater all have different sound issues, however we have worked on them over the years and believe that NO AMPLIFICATION is needed for a properly trained singer.

      WE do have amplification for rent because some people feel that it is necessary as a theatrical element.

  2. Hi, Is there space available in your complex for an art studio that works with glass (sandblast etching) for rent?
    thank you

  3. Hello! I represent a new theater company looking for potential locations. Do you have photos of the various locations and rental prices?

    1. The map and directions have always been on some of the other pages, but we have added it here as well. Thanks!

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