Three Great Elizabethan Events!

California Theater Creations presents

A Dramatic Reading of a Rare Drama from 1600 by California Stage actors:

“A Yorkshire Tragedy”

Shakespeare, colorThis play was originally believed to be the work of William Shakespeare, but due to recent analysis, Scholars feel fairly certain that it is the work of Thomas Middleton. However, we have also learned that Shakespeare probably had a hand in the development of the work. It played at the Globe and in 1600 Shakespeare was a major owner of The Globe Theater Company.

At the California Stage Theater, Sat/Sun, April 22 & 23, 2 PM

at 1725 25th Street, Sacramento, CA 95816.

Buy Tickets: $10.00 each

Questions? 916-600-9536,


Lecture on the “Englishes of Shakespeare”

Steven Crain will present a speech and discussion on Shakespeare’s use of the English language. Shakespeare’s language centered on English citizens, the educated and the working class.  His ideology was clearly engaged in the development of characters and story.

At the Wilkerson Theater, Wednesday, April 19, 7 PM

1725 25th Street, Sacramento, CA 95816.

Buy Tickets: $10.00 each

Questions? 916-600-9536,


A FREE Visit to See the Second Folio

ShakespeareBelieve it or not, the Sacramento Library has a 400 YEAR OLD second Folio originally owned by one of Shakespeare’s best friends. Printed 10 years after Shakespeare’s death it contains SIX plays we bet you never heard of — and “A Yorkshire Tragedy” is one of them!

APRIL 18 at 1:00 PM (Sharp) 828 I (eye) Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. Meet us at the front door of the library. You must call first for free passes. Your name and the number of passes you request will be with the director at the library door. For Free Passes call 916-600-9536.

2 thoughts on “Three Great Elizabethan Events!

  1. My 23 year old son and I attended the April 23 performance of A Yorkshire Tragedy. We were fascinated by the play and much struck by the fact that it was a true story that was being presented on stage within a year. To your point that this play is relevant and needs to be seen today-my son pointed out that the same story just happened again. The scion of a prominent and wealthy family throws away the material and social achievements of generations, then kills his wife and child. Within months there is a Netflix special. The Murdaughs.
    Nothing is new under the sun.

    1. Thank you very much for your comments! History, and human tragedies, do repeat themselves, for sure. We’re very happy you enjoyed the show, please tell your friends about us.

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