Closing Sunday, August 10th: Come See MARAT/SADE!

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Time is running out to see the heralded play, MARAT/SADE: It ends this weekend

“MARAT/SADE is a Rocky Horror Show for intellectuals and other unsocial beings,” says director Kent Johnson. How so?

The play flings audiences into the French Revolution to rediscover mob theory on the angry streets of Paris. Guillotine blades are quickly dulled by the flying heads of the old aristocracy, while a new ruling class has spawned out of the old revolutionary leaders. JEAN-PAUL MARAT is deadly crazed about it.

March on to 1808 near Versailles, a madhouse called Charenton houses a playwright by the title of Marquis de Sade. He decides to present a play starring the inmates to retell the story of MARAT. The play morphs into a bloody dream sequence that takes us from the Great Terror to the new France of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

A veritable buffet of history, philosophy and politics to be served Saturday night — don’t miss out!

More on Marat/Sade here.

One thought on “Closing Sunday, August 10th: Come See MARAT/SADE!

  1. I would like to thank the Company of Marat/Sade for their wonderful performance on Sunday, July 27. I have wanted to see this play for years. We truly appreciate the Company presenting the show even though there were only a handful of us in the audience. We drove three hours to Sacramento, and would have been disappointed to turn around and drive three hours back home if you had decided to cancel.
    The heat in the theater was difficult at times, but knowing that you all were dressed more heavily, and under those lights, made us admire your fortitude all the more.
    The show was brilliant. You were amazing. We enjoyed talking about it all the way home. What a difficult and challenging piece! You were truly awesome! Thank you again for a powerful, and memorable performance. It was worth the wait, and certainly worth the drive.

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