Five Great Unexplored Plays: Sat. Nights, Nov. 19-Dec. 17

Five Great Unexplored Plays, Read by California Stage Actors

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Five Consecutive Saturday Nights at 8pm:

November 19th – CLARA by Arthur Miller in the Three Penny Theatre

A psychological drama about a recently murdered young woman and the struggle between her father and the detective on the case to identify the suspect.  The past reaches out to haunt both men.  Written in 1987, this play is as socially relevant as when it premiered.  Directed by Janis Stevens.

November 26th – LOSHIE IN LITTLE ROCK by Linda Taylor in the Wilkerson Theatre

In 1948 in Little Rock, Arkansas, the post-war boom is still a dream for the Munson Family.  Mama Loshie won’t let go of her son, Harvie, and Harvie’s new wife, Ruth, won’t quit pushing to get out of Little Rock.  An all-too-human exploration of the power of lies and love.  Directed by Richard Winters.

December 3rd – “the dreamer examines his pillow” by John Patrick Shanley in the Wilkerson Theatre

A tale of love, lust and a somewhat “magical” intervention from an unlikely participant!  An early play from the screenwriter of “Moonstruck”.  Directed by Janis Stevens.

December 10th – GREETINGS FROM REAGANLAND by Joel Mario Rickert and Alan Schroeder in the Wilkerson Theatre

Explores Ronald Reagan’s youth, his careers in radio and Hollywood and his unlikely rise in politics.  Eleven different characters tell some of the more unusual stories surrounding this complex and influential person — at his very best and at his worst.  Conceived and staged by Joel Mario Rickert.

December 17th – WORK IN PROGRESS by Susan Andrews in the Wilkerson

A combination social/romantic comedy.  The characters are seniors with young sensibilities.  They have dreams and vitality and a sense of humor and they refuse to concede to cultural expectations!  Directed by Janis Stevens.

Tickets: $10 cash at the door or order here.

1723 25th Street, downtown Sacramento.
Telephone Inquiries or Messages: 916.600.9536.

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