Movement for the Actor Workshop with Lori Russo

“I Breath the Fragrance of Myself and know it and like it” ~ Walt Whitman

Movement for the Actor Workshop with Lori Russo.
When: Monday evenings, April 24th– May 15th, 6-10pm
Last class is Sunday Afternoon, May 21st 2-6 pm
California Stage 2509 R Street (25th & R)
$160.00  ( $60.00 deposit to hold slot)
Lori Russo at:

Movement for the Actor Workshop with Lori RussoAn audience cannot experience the actor’s intention, no matter how much he means it, if it remains “locked” inside an unskilled body and an underdeveloped voice.

We will work towards the Actor achieving freedom of movement that provides the form through which the Character’s emotion can flow freely and spontaneously.

We  will focus on and explore Relaxation , Core awareness and strengthening, Creativity, use of Energy, putting Voice on Breath with movement, Learn to think as your body and voice as a  whole instrument  so the Actor’s body can be in a state of readiness and be able to reach and maintain dynamic expressiveness.

Some of the Techniques & Exercises being used and explored, will be a combination of:

  • Michael Chekov (internal & external work) — Creating Characters, using Archetypes.
  • Meyerhold (external work to stimulate nervous system  towards emotional connection).
  •  Laban — exploring  body, effort, shape and space & 8 effort elements
  •  Alexander — Technique philosophies, for assistance in alignment and relaxation.

We will explore with: Improvisation, Theater games, Poetry, Monologues and Scene excerpts to integrate these techniques and philosophies.

Lori Russo bio: Lori Russo a native from Hollywood California, has been professionally working as an actress, dancer, singer & choreographer for more the 25 years. She began dancing at the age of four, acting and singing at the age of 14.

At 16 she began her professional career. At 22 she began teaching dance. Her theatrical training began at Estelle Harman Studios in Hollywood. She went on to USC’s Drama Conservatory BFA program, under the Artistic Directorship of John Houseman. She continued studies in NYC with Terry Schreiber and Michael Cecchi, which she considers her Masters education. Her dance training began at four years old.

At 15, she was awarded a private scholarship to Stanely Holden Ballet Center. At 22 she was awarded a scholarship to Dupree Dance Academy and continued her studies further in NYC.

As an actor her training includes techniques in, Meisner, Strasberg, Alexander technique, body dynamics, Stanislavski & Michael Chekov. As a dancer her, training includes, Ballet, classical jazz, contemporary, tap, and some modern. As a choreographer, she has been told she thinks like a director because her thought process is creating movement out of intentions or needs that need to be carried out and expressed and further the story. Bringing purpose to the movement in a way that assists in creating character behavior.

In 2009 she was invited to Potsdam University to teach a week long acting intensive that culminated in her performance of Rick Foster’s “Love Isadora”. A one person play about the modern dance pioneer Isadora Duncan. This piece personifies the integration of movement, both choreographed dance and stylized movement, that connects directly with character behavior, emotional life, externalizing intention through the body as well as spontaneity of expression from moment to moment. Her experience as a choreographer spans, musicals, highly stylized plays, plays with music, poetry and production shows.

Lori continues to explore other philosophies of movement to integrate into her own work as an actor, choreographer, story teller and teacher. Her intention with this workshop, is to assist and inspire actors to not just feel, but to express and embody all aspects of character in a theatrical text. Using their whole body as the instrument to achieve full, rich and textured, fully alive and engaged expressiveness, even in stillness.

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