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Radical Theatrical Masterpiece Marat/Sade Opening July 19th!

California Stage presents Marat/Sade

California Stage will open its highly anticipated production of Marat/Sade by Peter Weiss July 19th, 2014.  Veteran Los Angeles director Kent Johnson dives into Weiss’ avant garde masterwork to create the most outrageous musical spectacle of the season. (Tickets available online here.)

Simone washes MARAT in Marat Sade at California Stage
Simone washes MARAT in Marat Sade at California Stage.

Weiss reveals what happens when the “1%” goes too far and takes too much in his grandiose and grotesque play-within-a-play.  In 1808, the infamous Marquis de Sade directs the inmates of the Charenton lunatic asylum in his own luridly critical take on the assassination of Jean-Paul Marat by Charlotte Corday and the French Revolution as a whole.  De Sade’s fellow patients, lead by the Herald, voice their own discontent with the Marat’s glorious Revolution through song, dance and pantomime set to live music.

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Spotlight on the Author of Marat/Sade

Peter Weiss pictureCalifornia Stage’s upcoming production of Marat/Sade comes from the unflinching pen of German dramatist Peter Weiss. who spent his career shedding light on the darkest sides of human nature.

Born Lutheran with Jewish roots in 1916 Germany, Weiss and his family were forced to flee Nazi persecution in 1934. He eventually settled in Sweden where he taught art and film theory at the University of Stockholm. He is known for his experimental films and avant garde plays including The Investigation (a docudrama about the Frankfurt trials), The Viet Nam Discourse, Trotsky in Exile, and others. His Marat/Sade premiered in London in 1964 before transferring to Broadway in 1965 to win the Tony for Best Play. Weiss died in Sweden in 1982.

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