Three Local Theater Stars Team Up to Produce a Festival of Original Comedy

Local Acting Greats Matt Miller, Richard Winters & Richard Broadhurst Present Three Whacko Plays Penned by Their Own Hands to Tickle Your Fancy.

Three local theater stars have teamed up to produce a festival of original comedy at California Stages’ Wilkerson Theater — three one-person plays — or rather three zany looks at life in our times.

CalStage, SacSoloSix
L-R: Richard Winters, Matt Miller, Richard Broadhurst.

The California Stage Theater Company is hosting these three writers under the title of Sac Solo Six because it is the sixth time the company has attempted to support writers who think they can act and actors who think that they can write. What a delight to discover that they all can act and write!

Richard Winters began writing his show over twenty years ago. He asserts that he now has it right! It is entitled: “Dancing Naked in the Universe.” While Mr. Winters has flatly stated that he will not act the “dancing” part out, he cannot be trusted, and so, maybe the faint of heart should not witness his performance.

Matt Miller, uncontested Sacramento’s longest running matinee idol, has created a metaphoric self confession for the stage. He calls it “An Evening with Sir Twaddle Dreck.”  Some think that his life on the boards is (or is not) depicted in the hilarious character of Twaddle Dreck. Anyone who knows the work of Mr. Miller will see through it as they laugh the night away. The audience is well-advised that any knowledge of the American Theater is not required, but may help.

Richard Broadhurst, a double threat to the professions of acting and writing has taken up the gauntlet to stigmatize those who found the play “The Vagina Monologues” enlightening. Broadhurst contends that “Physiology has nothing to do with it!” His proof will be found in his presentation. “Cock Tales” is meant by the author to raise our understanding of how men think in a world of gender rejoinders.

SAC/SOLO/SIX presents these solo performances between October 25th and November 24th in the Dennis Wilkerson Theater, at 1725 25th Street (at R Street) in midtown Sacramento. Show times are Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 PM and Sundays at 7:00 PM. Ticket prices are $25.00 per show, $20.00, for military, students, SARTA members and seniors. Easy free parking available. No late seating. Reservations: 916-451-5822 or order online here.


“Dancing Naked in the Universe” with Richard Winters.
“Cock Tales” with Richard Broadhurst.
“An Evening with Sir Twaddle Dreck” with Matt Miller.

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