Spotlight on the Author of Marat/Sade

Peter Weiss pictureCalifornia Stage’s upcoming production of Marat/Sade comes from the unflinching pen of German dramatist Peter Weiss. who spent his career shedding light on the darkest sides of human nature.

Born Lutheran with Jewish roots in 1916 Germany, Weiss and his family were forced to flee Nazi persecution in 1934. He eventually settled in Sweden where he taught art and film theory at the University of Stockholm. He is known for his experimental films and avant garde plays including The Investigation (a docudrama about the Frankfurt trials), The Viet Nam Discourse, Trotsky in Exile, and others. His Marat/Sade premiered in London in 1964 before transferring to Broadway in 1965 to win the Tony for Best Play. Weiss died in Sweden in 1982.

For More about Playwright Peter Weiss see:

More info on the play here. Purchase tickets online here.

4 thoughts on “Spotlight on the Author of Marat/Sade

  1. Because we don’t do money makers like “Hello Dolly” we’ve never been able to afford a 6 ton AC for that space — we had hoped that a donor might appear but unfortunately they are probably all over at the Music Circus.

    One bright light on the horizon is the group of theater companies that have been using that space will do a fundraiser soon to raise the needed cash for a good AC in that place.

    Thanks for your comment.

  2. Will there ever be air conditioning at CA stage? It is very uncomfortable in the summer.
    I would live to see Marat/Sade but can’t bear the thought of 90s temperature in there.
    I feel sorry for the actors as well – what dedication!

    1. Is there some reason your calendar list the Marat/Sade show for Thursday and Friday instead of Friday/Saturday? I came in from Roseville on a Thursday night to be turned away at the door, disappointed.

      1. Very sorry! It was the webmaster’s fault — we updated our calendar plugin, and that somehow messed up the settings. We’ve fixed it, it’s accurate now.

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