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The Vanishing Point

California Stage Presents the World Premiere of a National Award-winning Play

California Stage premieres Nedra Pezold Roberts’ powerful, national award-winning new play The Vanishing Point starting March 29th as part of the American Association of Community Theatre’s (AACT) 1st annual AACTNewPlayFest.

California Stage, The Vanishing PointThe Vanishing Point is one of six winning plays chosen from over 250 entries and presented by California Stage and other participating theatres during the national AACTNewPlayFest. Modeling its newest initiative on Texas Non-Profit Theatres’ POPS (Producing Original Plays) program, AACT hopes to give talented playwrights greater exposure while developing new, relevant work for audiences around the country to enjoy. All winning plays will be published in anthology by Dramatic Publishing Company. Continue reading

Widowers’ Houses

California Stage Unveils the Local Premiere of a Rare Production

George Bernard Shaw’s hilarious comedy about social climbers of the economic classes.

Widower's Houses, george bernard shaw“Widowers’ Houses” begins as a boy meets girl romance, but is soon we are treated to a hilarious satire on the garrulous social climbers of the economic upper-classes. (Read: 1% in US currency).

Blanche Sartorius is the spoiled daughter of a rich Realtor whose massive fortune has been made from milking poor renters in his sub-standard houses. An idealistic young doctor, Harry Trent has blindly courted Blanche until he discovers the declassé source of her father’s wealth. Continue reading

Learning Spanish

Watts meets the Barrio: “East-Los,” where gangs hold turf

Leslie David Perry
Directed by Ray Tatar

learning spanishIn Los Angeles, the African-American Ghetto runs right into the Latino Barrio. Watts, one of the densest populated areas in Southern California rife with crime, meets the Barrio, “East-Los,” where gangs hold turf and the night air rings with sirens. This is where playwright Leslie David Perry has set his new play entitled, “Learning Spanish.”

Producer/Director Ray Tatar says that “Mr. Perry’s new play is a touching story about how two people of different races and ages attempt to escape the epidemic of anger and violence that surrounds them.” Continue reading