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The Man Who Knew How

Where Do You Get Your Ideas?
The Man Who Knew How!

radio announcerTWO live radio dramas at R25 Arts Center
Saturday, April 24 (7 to 10 pm)

California Stage Theater presents, at the The Social Distance Theater

Get back to the time when radio was king!

For 15 bucks you’ll take a trip back to the day when the best Murder Mysteries took place in your own living room! You’ll be part of the studio audience as we present a live radio dramas from the 1940’s finds Charmers… Excitement… Mayhem… Murder… Detectives!

The Third Age will present these thrilling Murder Mysteries at
1725 25th Street in Midtown Sacramento

Directed by Carol Cullens
Starring Alan Pontes

The company’s live audience readings of vintage mystery, comedy, and dramatic radio scripts (with sound effects) will be heard and seen as part of our re-emerging theatre company!

Call 916-451-5822 / Calstage.org


California Stage Presents: Two Thrilling Radio Dramas Before a Live Audience

Coming in May: Two thrilling Radio Dramas, presented before a live audience!

Book Your Tickets Now!

According to Carol Cullens, Program Director of Third Age Onstage, “A top-notch cast of local stage stars is returning to our studio theater at California Stage, bringing two interesting and spine-tingling crime stories. Presented back-to-back, each of these stories involves a threatened inheritance, a big swindle, and two murders. It will take two heavyweight detectives to solve these mysteries.”

Lies, Love and Loyalty is an adaptation of Thomas Bailey Aldrich’s short story (originally titled Margery Daw), published in the Atlantic Monthly Magazine in 1873.

live radio drama One summer, John Flemming slipped on a discarded lemon peel and broke his leg. This accident resulted in a series of events that challenged the commitment of Edward Delaney — John’s old school friend — to write to John and distract him from his pain while his injury heals. Unfortunately, Edward’s letters were all lies. But those very words also caused John to lose his heart to a young woman, sight unseen. Before the story ends, their long-term friendship is in desperate need of salvation, and Edward Delaney learns more about love and loyalty than he ever wanted to know. Continue reading