About California Stage

Mission and History of the California Stage

Ray Tatar has been with the California Arts Council for 21 years, He is the Manager of the Organizational Grants Program and has special expertise in theater. He is the founding Director of the Los Angeles Theater Alliance, The Sacramento Area Regional Theatre Alliance, and the Sacramento Theater League.

Ray holds an MA in Directing from UC Berkeley, was a founding member of The Magic Theater, and currently is the Artistic Director of California Stage. He has won many awards for theater directing and recently won a national CINE Golden Eagle award for a PBS documentary.

In the early 1990s, Ray produced State of the Arts, a Cable television series that played in 26 cable markets for two years and won an International Broadcast Design Award. He was a drama critic for KPFK-FM in Los Angeles for five years.

Susan Pikowsky Tatar works in video production and runs the box office for the California Stage.